Cancer Info June 06 2014

7 ways to beat Cancer!

The best way to beat cancer is to starve it...

1. Cancer loves sugar. Sugar is one of cancers most important food sources and by cutting out sugar the cancer starves. That also includes Equal, Nutrasweet and other sugar substitutes. Swap sugar for honey.

2. Cut down on red meat. Eat more fish and organic fed chicken. Red meat such as beef and pork are high in acids which also creates an optimum environment in your bowel for cancer cells. Red meats are also more difficult to digest and sit in your bowels "rotting" creating toxic build up.

3. Eat your vegies. Fresh vegetables help boost the growth of healthy cells, and provide your body with vitamins and minerals which strengthens your immune system and can destroy cancer cells.

4. Avoid caffeine. Caffeine can stimulate cancer cells so swap your daily coffee and pre packaged tea for natural loose leaf teas. Healthi Boost is 100% organic loose leaf tea and is full of vitamins and minerals. Also drink purified or filtered water, they contain low amounts of toxins and metals.

5. Wear gloves & face masks. When using pesticides and chemicals make sure you cover up, I know this sounds like common sense but many people don't. When you have direct contact with any chemicals or pesticides they quickly absorb through our skin and into our blood stream. Over the years those toxins build up.

6. Breathe. When you take nice deep breaths it sends oxygen throughout your body and increases circulation. Cancer can not survive in oxygenated environments. So breathe in deep until your lungs are full and then release ALL of the air out of your lungs repeat 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening... More is better though!

7. Cut out milk. Milk creates excess mucus in your bowels and creates an ideal environment for cancer cells to multiply. Swap to soy or almond milk.