Tips for a HEALTHIER Easter March 26 2015

Tips for a HEALTHIER Easter:
-AVOID buying your eggs too early! This way you won't be tempted to sneak some from the pantry.
-USE margarine or olive oil spread on your hot cross buns instead of butter.
-BUY dark chocolate! Dark chocolate has a higher cocoa content and contains large amounts of flavonoids which act as powerful antioxidants.
-SWAP some eggs for DIY plaster bunnies or eggs that the kids can paint themselves.
-GET more buns this year. Hot cross buns are healthier compared to chocolate and will keep you fuller for longer. Which prevents bingeing on chocolate.
-AMP up the exercise! If you have a large backyard or a park nearby organise a Easter egg obstacle course. Hide the eggs well and far apart. The kids (and adults) will have a ball and also get their daily exercise intake.
-SHAKE it up! Get organic sugar free chocolate flavouring to make milkshakes, you'll get that chocolate hit you crave without having to feel bad.
-GOOGLE healthier alternatives. Get recipes online for healthy alternatives to chocolate bunnies, eggs and hot cross buns that you can make yourself.
"Live life to the Tea"

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