Loose leaf tea history June 17 2015

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When you type the word 'tea' into google over 876,000,000 results show up.
And theres a very good reason for that, tea is the most sipped beverage in the world only coming second to water.

The origin of tea dates back to nearly 3000 years before Christ where it is believed to have been discovered in China. There is an old legend that goes as follows:
"The legendary Emperor Shennong was drinking a bowl of just boiled water due to a decree that his subjects must boil water before drinking it some time around 2737 BC when a few leaves were blown from a nearby tree into his water, changing the color. The emperor took a sip of the brew and was pleasantly surprised by its flavor and restorative properties. A variant of the legend tells that the emperor tested the medical properties of various herbs on himself, some of them poisonous, and found tea to work as an antidote." courtesy of History of Tea -Wikipedia.

There are other variations of course but this one is my favourite.

In around the 6th century, Tea trickled its way into Japan then other Asian countries. By the 16th century, explorers such as Marco Polo and Giovani Ramusio began trading Chinese 'cha' and ventured slowly into European countries such as Amsterdam, France, Russia, Portugal and Greece.
The first public sale of tea in England was conducted by Thomas Garway in 1657. The Brits introduced tea 'tea culture' into India in the early 19th century and it was not long until India became the primary producer of tea in the world taking over China.
In India these days over 2 million people are employed in the tea industry and it continues to grow every year.

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