Boditox Tea Australia INGREDIENTS 100% natural and organic loose leaf teas

100% Natural Ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia, Vitex, Dandelion, Rooibos, Cinnamon, Ginger, Sencha, Oolong, Nettle, Echinacea, Chrysanthemum, Peppermint, Chamomile  

Boditox Tea Australia GARCINIA CAMBOGIA

  • Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit primarily native to Indonesia, but also grows in other areas of Asia and Central Africa.
  • High in HCA (HydroxyCitric Acid) which supresses appetite.
  • Helps the body make glycogen, glycogens are molecules that signal the brain when the body has had enough to eat. Prevents over eating.
  • HCA also stabilises the body's cortisol levels, which prevent the formation and retention of abdominal or visceral fat.
  • HCA supports weight loss by inhibiting an enzyme called ATP-Citrate-Lyase (ACL) which converts excess carbohydrates (sugars) into fat.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol by cleaning the bloodstream of low-density lipoproteins.
  • Raises serotonin levels which improves mood and helps curb urges to binge eat.
  • It contains bioflavinoids, which reduce fatty acids and triglycerides.
  • Great boost for the immune system.
  • The high concentration of Garcinia in Fat Burn weight loss tea helps burn fat 24 hours a day along with our other key ingredients.
  • It doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing you are going to burn fat naturally.
  • Strong concentration of antioxidants.
  • Garcinia Cambogia can help melt inches off your waist, helping you finally achieve that flat tummy.
  • Boditox Fat Burn weight loss tea contains pure Garcinia extract, so you get the full effects of this amazing fruit with no side effects.
  • Most advertised Garcinia Cambogia supplements and pills are full of artificial fillers and binders.
  • The high content of fillers and binders weaken the positive effect of Garcinia and increase side effects.
  • Boditox Fat Burn contains 100% natural powdered Garcinia Cambogia.
  • In 2011 'The Journal of Obesity' confirmed that Garcinia Cambogia to be the most effective natural weight loss solution in mans history.
  • The positive effects in weight loss of Garcinia Cambogia was also featured on the Dr OZ Show in 2012.


Garcinia Cambogia is used in the following Boditox Teas: FAT BURN Weight Loss Tea


Boditox Tea Australia DANDELION

  • Dandelion aids in digestion and relieves constipation and diarrhoea.
  • Improves liver function by removing toxins and balancing electrolytes.
  • Works great to purify the blood and cleanse the system.
  • Effective in reducing bloat and relieving water retention.
  • Improves and maintains optimum liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen, stomach and gallbladder functions.
  • Helps control cholesterol levels.
  • Rich in antioxidants that prevent free-radical damage to cells and DNA, slowing down the ageing process.
  • Acts against cancer cells to slow growth and prevent spreading.
  • Recent studies show that dandelion regulates blood sugar and insulin levels in diabetics.
  • Relieves arthritic pain and swelling, contains essential fatty acids and phytonutrients that reduce inflammation.
  • The fibre and potassium in dandelion regulates blood pressure.
  • Great disease fighter, helps the body heal, boosts immunity, combats cancer, heart disease.
  • Stimulates brain function, improves age related memory loss.
  • When infused in hot water Dandelion releases high amounts of vitamins A, C, D, E and B.
  • Contains minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Choline, and Boron.


Dandelion is used in the following Boditox Teas: FAT BURN Weight Loss Tea, HEALTHI BOOST Teatox Tea, SMART+SEXI Green Detox Tea


Boditox Tea Australia CINNAMON

  • Cinnamon is effective for headache and migraine relief.
  • Treats indigestion and cramps.
  • Improves energy, vitality and circulation.
  • Cinnamon combined with honey relieves arthritic pain.
  • High levels of Manganese strengthens bones, blood and other connective tissues, and also aids in osteoporosis.
  • Helps control blood sugar in diabetics.
  • Cinnamon is also a powerful antibacterial, helps treat stomach bugs and flus.
  • Dramatically reduces uncomfortable feeling of IBS especially bloating.
  • Cinnamon has two chemical constituents, cinnamaldehyde and eugenol, which fight colon cancer cells and hepatoma cells.
  • Cinnamon starves the cancer cells of the sugar that sustains them.
  • Reduces the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) by aiding the body in processing sugar and fat.
  • Boosts cognitive development. Keeps you more alert and improves memory.
  • Cinnamon is one of the top seven antioxidants in the world.
  • Reduces the formation of free radicals that cause cancer.
  • Cinnamon boosts your metabolism which aids in weight loss.
  • The antibacterial properties in cinnamon aid in preventing tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Scientists found that cinnamon prevents the development of filamentous "tangles" in the brain which causes Alzheimer's.
  • The high levels of manganese also aid in the symptoms of PMS, lowers cramps and mood swings.
  • Reduces irritability and helps with depression.


Cinnamon is used in the following Boditox Teas: FAT BURN Weight Loss Tea, HEALTHI BOOST Teatox Tea, SMART+SEXI Green Detox Tea


Boditox Tea Australia OOLONG

  • The polyphenol compound in oolong boosts the metabolism of fat.
  • Dissolves excess triglyceride (used as fuel, but stored as fat when there is too much).
  • This process 'thermogenisis' provides extra energy, sheds excess water, and burns body fat.
  • High amounts of potent antioxidants remove free radicals from the body decreasing cancers and a variety of tumours.
  • Improves skin allergies such as eczema, dermatitis and other skin irritations.
  • High in minerals such as Calcium, Manganese, Copper, Carotin, Selenium, and Potassium.
  • Oolongs high mineral content protects against tooth decay, strengthens bones, prevents osteoporosis.
  • Oolong tea promotes normal, healthy growth of the human body.
  • Contains vital vitamins A, B, C, E and K.
  • Prevents high blood pressure.
  • Lowers risk of developing ovarian cancer.
  • Oolong regulates the blood sugar and insulin levels in diabetics preventing high spikes and dangerous dips.
  • Oolong also contains folic acid, niacin amide and other detoxifying alkaloids.
  • Enhances focus, improves memory, and stimulates the brain.
  • Tannins found in Oolong reduce stress and depression.
  • Prevents hardening of the arteries, therefore reducing stroke and possible heart attacks.


Oolong is used in the following Boditox Teas: FAT BURN Weight Loss Tea, HEALTHI BOOST Teatox Tea, SMART+SEXI Green Detox Tea


Boditox Tea Australia GINGER

  • Ginger contains Chromium, Magnesium and Zinc which helps improve blood circulation.
  • Prevents chills, fever and excessive sweat.
  • Effective remedy for nausea.
  • Improves absorption of essential nutrients in the body.
  • Natural treatment for colds and flus.
  • Ginger is ideal in assisting digestion by improving food absorption.
  • Reduces inflammation in a similar way as aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • Slows the growth of colorectal cancer cells.
  • Ginger is a natural powerful painkiller.
  • Ginger aids in expanding your lungs therefore aiding in respiratory problems.
  • Induces cell death in ovarian cancer cells.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps reduce flatulence.
  • Helps protect and heal the stomach.


Ginger is used in the following Boditox Teas: PREGPREP Organic Fertility Tea


 Boditox Tea Australia SENCHA

  • Polyphenols in sencha help fight heart disease.
  • Reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  • Powerful antioxidant.
  • Decreases blood cholesterol.
  • Reduces fat in the body and digestive system.
  • Powerful anti-hyperglycemic effect.
  • Increases stamina and mental alertness.
  • Contains fluorine which prevents tooth decay.
  • High in vitamin C for healthy skin.
  • Folic acid prevents arterial sclerosis and fetal neural tube defects (NTD).
  • Inhibits high blood pressure.
  • Slows down ageing process.
  • Aids in gastrointestinal upset (nausea, vomiting).
  • Blocks the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.
  • Enhances immune system.


Sencha is used in the following Boditox Teas: FAT BURN Weight Loss Tea, HEALTHI BOOST Teatox Tea, SMART+SEXI Green Detox Tea


Boditox Tea Australia NETTLE

  • Nettle gently cleanses the body of metabolic waste.
  • Rich in Iron, it aids in anemia and fatigue.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system, enhancing the excretion of waste through the kidneys.
  • Reduces pain and immobility in arthritis sufferers.
  • Contains boron which helps bones retain Calcium.
  • Nettle has a positive effect in treating hay fever, asthma and seasonal allergies.
  • Helps in clearing congestion in coughs, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and laryngitis.
  • Improves circulation throughout the body.
  • Improves haemorrhoids and ulcers.
  • Purifies the blood.
  • Lowers blood sugar.
  • Prevents fevers and colds.
  • Raises blood pressure.
  • Helps urinary tract infection.
  • Eases skin irritations, eczema and acne.
  • Pelvic decongestant.
  • Helps menopause symptoms.
  • Improves hair health.


Nettle is used in the following Boditox Teas: HEALTHI BOOST Teatox Tea, PREGPREP Organic Fertility Tea


Boditox Tea Australia VITEX

  • Vitex aids in regulating menstrual cycles.
  • Eases heavy periods.
  • Fertility booster.
  • Aids in treating 'lumpy' (fibrocystic) breasts.
  • Decreases symptoms of PMS.
  • Increases progesterone levels.
  • Strengthens the uterus which may help prevent miscarriage.
  • Balances hormones in women with polycystic ovaries.
  • Lengthens a short luteal phase.
  • Increases production of LH which helps ovulation to occur.
  • Helps treat mild endometriosis and prevent advancement.
  • Reduces uterine cysts.


Vitex is used in the following Boditox Teas: PREGPREP Organic Fertility Tea


Boditox Tea Australia ROOIBOS

  • Rooibos is naturally caffeine free.
  • High in antioxidants aspalathin and nothofagin, fights free radicals.
  • Defends cells and DNA against damage and inhibit the development of cancer.
  • High in magnesium essential for the nervous system.
  • Calcium and manganese for strong teeth and bones.
  • Improves metabolism.
  • Improves circulation, preventing cardiovascular disease.
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Aids absorption of Iron critical for helping blood and muscles distribute oxygen.
  • Rooibos contains phenylpyretic acid which helps improve acne, psoriasis and eczema.
  • Protects against Parkinson's/Alzheimer's disease.
  • Encourages restful sleep.
  • Eases an upset stomach.
  • High in anti inflammatory properties.


Rooibos is used in the following Boditox Teas: HEALTHI BOOST Teatox Tea, SMART+SEXI Green Detox Tea


Boditox Tea Australia CHRYSANTHEMUM

  • Provides relief in sinus and head cold discomfort.
  • Chrysanthemum is naturally caffeine free.
  • Natural coolant which helps lower high fevers and even heat stroke.
  • Detoxifies the liver.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Stimulates the senses and rejuvenates the brain.
  • Relieves a sore throat.
  • Reduces eye irritations such as red, itchy and dry eyes.
  • Improves vision and brightens the eyes.
  • Helps aid digestion.
  • Reduces flatulence.
  • Supports immunity.
  • Lowers high blood pressure.
  • Promotes healthy complexion.
  • Eases headaches, migraines and dizziness.
  • Aids in the recovery of influenza.
  • Improves circulation aiding in varicose veins and atherosclerosis.


Chrysanthemum is used in the following Boditox Teas: FAT BURN Weight Loss Tea


Boditox Tea Australia PEPPERMINT

  • Peppermint aids in treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  • Helps maintain proper function of gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Improves symptoms of functional dyspepsia (indigestion).
  • Treats infantile colic (as effective as the chemical simethicone).
  • Rapidly reduces tuberculosis inflammation.
  • Alleviates hay fever.
  • Enhances memory and alertness.
  • Reduces chemotherapy-induced nausea.
  • Inhibits prostate cancer growth.
  • Protects against radiation-induced DNA damage and cell death.
  • Inhibit activity of herpes simplex virus type 1.
  • Guards against mouth bacteria and whitens teeth.
  • Creates better bile flow, critical for fat digestion.
  • Cold and flu remedy.
  • Soothing treatment for skin irritations such as hives and rashes.


Peppermint is used in the following Boditox Teas: FAT BURN Weight Loss Tea, SMART+SEXI Green Detox Tea


Boditox Tea Australia CHAMOMILE

  • Chamomile slows down premature ageing.
  • Fights acne and breakouts.
  • Increases glycine which reduces muscle spasms.
  • Relieves stomach cramps during menstruation.
  • Soothes mouth and stomach ulcers.
  • Can prevent kidney stone reformation.
  • Maintains blood glucose levels in diabetics.
  • Soothes haemorrhoids.
  • Reduces flatulence, heartburn and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  • Aids in headaches and migraines.
  • Chamomile contains sedating properties which aids in sleep.
  • Calms nerves and relieves stress.
  • Increases production of white blood cells which improves immune system function.
  • Eases breathing during sinusitis or colds.
  • Contains antioxidant apigenin which inhibits cancer cells.


Chamomile is used in the following Boditox Teas: PREGPREP Organic Fertility Tea, SMART+SEXI Green Detox Tea


Boditox Tea Australia ECHINACEA

  • Strengthens immune system by stimulating production of T-cells.
  • Echinacea increases ability of white cells to fight off pathogens.
  • Shortens symptoms of illness reduces recovery time.
  • Treats urinary tract infection.
  • Eases sore throat pain.
  • Clears vaginal yeast infections.
  • Reduces respiratory infections.
  • Aids in reducing enlarged prostate.
  • Relieves tooth aches.
  • Purifies the blood and improves circulation.
  • Contains vitamins A, C, and E.
  • Echinacea is a natural antibiotic.


Echinacea is used in the following Boditox Teas: HEALTHI BOOST Health Teatox

Each of our teas is scientifically formulated to get optimum results with absolutely no side effects. However, if you are unsure of any of the above ingredients please contact your health practitioner before purchasing any of our products