Childrens Cancer Institute

"Ordinary people doing extraordinary things"


The Children's Cancer Institute is doing amazing things, 50 years ago childhood cancer was considered a death sentence. But every day of research is bringing us one step closer to a cure, as a result almost eight in 10 children will survive.

But some cancers still have much lower survival rates, such as brain cancer for which there is no treatment and every child currently dies. The Children's Cancer Institute is the only independent institute in Australia dedicated to childhood cancer, their role is VITAL!

Currently Boditox Tea is supporting The Children's Cancer Institute by monthly donations and we urge everyone who cares about helping these little kids and hopefully finding a cure soon to please visit The Childrens Cancer Institute website and join in the fight to stop childhood cancer

Childrens Cancer Institute 

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Nearly three children die from cancer in Australia every week. For us, that’s three too many. Say enough is enough.


For more information about the Children's Cancer Institute 

PO BOX 351

Randwick NSW 2031 Australia

T: 1800 685 686




*donations over $2 are tax deductible, receipts will be emailed with 24hours... Thankyou for your support